Our email content will help nurture & inspire your email subscribers, transforming your readership into highly engaged customers that buy more.


Are Your Email Campaigns Getting You Results?

The measure of success for email marketing is the conversions and sales delivered. But many email campaigns either add no value, are uninspiring or go straight for the kill without building desire and trust

Email marketing is a great channel to engage your audience or prospects and turn them into customers that buy again and again, only if done right!

Our in-house team of copywriters and conversion specialists will help your email campaigns:


Boost your open & clickthrough rates
driving hot traffic to your landing pages and offers, ready to be converted.

Establish partnerships with influencers and brands
allowing you to connect with key decision makers to pitch collaboration ideas.

Segregate your subscribers
filtering your audience into various categories, from those that require more nurturing to those who are primed and ready to buy.


3 Types Of Email Marketing We Can Help With:


An email series that automatically begins when your prospects leaves you their email.

Perfect for nurturing your audience, giving them valuable content before you pop the question and ask for the sale.

Sales Launches
These email series are perfect when you are launching a new product or have a sales discount coming up.

The aim of sales launch emails is pure ROI, making money. It has to speak to their needs and create enough desire to get the reader to buy immediately.

Cold Email Outreach
Outreach series are used as prospecting tools when looking for business from a new source.

You are reaching out to someone who totally doesn’t know you via email. This is perfect for B2B companies especially startups when partnerships are key.



We Help Our Clients Double and

Even Triple Their Open & Click through rates



Average Open Rate: 31.7%
Average Click-through Rate: 4.9%


Average Open Rate: 64.3%
Average Click-through Rate: 12%


Our Conversion


Project Discovery
& Customer Persona Building

We begin with fully understanding your campaign goals, the solution you are marketing and the challenges you might be facing.

Following which, we will build out your customer persona (profile) to better understand their needs, desires and motivating factors to buy.

Market Analysis
& Research

Our next step is to fully investigate and conduct research on your industry and your competitors’ email campaigns & offers.

We’ll create a strategy and action plan to maximize all the opportunities we see available for the growth and optimization of your email campaign.

Email Copywriting
& Campaign Optimization

Our team of talented writers and specialists will then begin crafting the email copy with relevant tactics, value propositions & persuasion elements.

This will include a design review of your emails to ensure your design will be highly functional, natural and positioned for maximum conversions.

Let Our Email Campaigns
Engage Your Subscribers And Transform Them

From Readers Into Customers

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for a quick & free consultation today!

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