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InterSystems provides data platforms and information systems for some of the most critical industries in modern society. Their solutions and software help run some of the world’s key applications, from healthcare to finance.

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To help garner interest for the business at the 2019 Gartner Conference, we worked with a consultancy to build interest and generate leads from the conference attendees.

The key challenge was to create an article with a narrative that spoke to four distinct sectors – financial institutions, utilities, government and healthcare.

We accomplished this by crafting an article on digital disruption that drew upon globally recognised events and history while crafting targeted examples for each industry.

We also crafted inMail direct messages that targeted decision makers in key industries that were attending the conference to drive awareness to the article and the InterSystems physical booth at the event.

Some of our content works:

Disrupt or be Disrupted – Why Every Organisation’s Secret Weapon Today Is Data


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