The Top Green Energy & Sustainability Blogs In Singapore & Asia (2021 Edition)

December 31, 2020 | Sean Foo

In recent years, there has been a greater focus on sustainability and an increase in efforts to save the earth due to global warming. With the current state of the world, it is now more important than ever to lead a sustainable life. 

As global citizens, our environment on earth is home and there’s no better time than now to start caring for it and taking action.

If you have an interest in doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more eco-friendly life, it helps to read up about it and gain a better understanding about what is happening in our backyard in Asia and Singapore.  

We’ve curated a list of the best blogs that will enable you to gain a better understanding of the big picture and appreciate our environment, as well as educate yourself on how you can do your part and lead a more sustainable life.


For Learning About The Big Picture

1. Energy Factor Asia Pacific (By ExxonMobil)

Sponsored by ExxonMobil, Energy Factor Asia Pacific is an online resource that explores the technology and innovation that contribute to the development of reliable and safe energy sources for the future. 

Expect a variety of topics ranging from the challenges of producing energy in the world’s most hostile places to the development of low-emission diesel fuel from algae. 

But before you dive into all that content, take their quiz and find out what your energy efficiency IQ is!


2. WWF Singapore

The World Wildlife Fund of Nature (WWF) is one of the world’s biggest and most experienced independent conservation organisations. 

In 2006, they opened a Singapore office to further engage with organisations and individuals via outreach activities and awareness campaigns to take action in safeguarding the world’s biodiversity.

Through their sustainability blog, they educate readers by covering topics including climate, endangered species, forests, oceans and sustainability.

Did you know that otters are in grave danger in Asia? Here’s an interesting read to start you off with!


3. Eco-Business

Eco-Business is a sustainable social enterprise that advocates and educates on sustainable development. 

By offering a platform for businesses, NGOs, research institutions and think tanks to publish stories and reach a wider audience, they help to share ideas, increase awareness and start conversations about sustainable development.

From the coolest sustainability innovations of 2020 to trends that will shape sustainability in 2021, there’s a wide range of topics to explore.


4. McKinsey

With a goal to progress in the journey toward a net-zero-carbon future, McKinsey is a company that walks the talk. 

Their sustainability blog covers a wide range of topics from big picture technologies to how current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting climate change and the world.

If you are seeking knowledge on climate change closer to home, they have articles that are specifically Asia-Pacific based, offering insights into climate risk and response in Asia and more.


5. GE Reports

If you’d like to find out more about what’s happening closer to home, GE Reports has Singapore-centric articles that can give you those insights. 

With over 125 years of innovation history, GE has pioneered technologies that changed the world. Its portfolio of power equipment generates one-third of the world’s electricity and its creations improve efficiency, speed production, lower costs and save lives.

In their blog, you’ll be able to not only filter their news stories by country, you can learn more about specific topics such as aviation, renewable energy and sustainability.


6. World Resources Institute

With a focus on urgent global challenges including climate, energy, food, forests, water, sustainable cities and the ocean, World Resources Institute has experts that analyse and comment on world issues. 

Apart from articles, they also have podcasts that address these issues. 

Expect to find content such as effective water, food and energy management as well as building climate-resilient and equitable cities during Covid-19 among others.


7. Greenpeace

To gain a clearer understanding of what’s happening within Southeast Asia, Greenpeace has a good blog to check out. 

Through campaigns, they aim to create awareness and inspire action when it comes to sustainable development, as well as protect Southeast Asia from further ecological ruin. 

Learn about responsible e-shopping in the time of Covid-19, why biodegradables will not solve China’s plastics crisis and more.


8. IEA 

The IEA provides authoritative analysis, policy recommendations, data and real-world solutions to help countries offer secure and sustainable energy. 

You’ll be able to explore topics related to fuels and technologies as well as their full range of analysis and data across many topics.


For Exploring Ways To Live A Sustainable Life

9. DBS Live More

In an attempt to connect with people in the digital space, DBS Live More is a lifestyle blog that discusses topics such as sustainability in the form of both videos and articles. 

Whether it’s reducing food waste outside the home, growing your own edibles or reducing fashion waste, the content would inspire you to take action and do your part for the earth!


10. iSwitch Energy

iSwitch Energy is an electricity retailer that strives to empower consumer choice when it comes to managing energy costs. 

Their blog covers green energy news as well as offers tips when it comes to leading an eco-friendly life. 

Explore topics such as habits of green conscious Singaporeans, or if you’re a homeowner, sustainable and eco-friendly furniture as well as green cleaning tips and products for an eco-friendly home.


11. The Sustainability Project

With the aim of encouraging and inspiring the adoption of a low or zero waste lifestyle in your life, The Sustainability Project offers tips on a sustainable lifestyle on their blog. 

They also include chats with other green business owners and other related information. Expect to educate yourself on a range of topics including sustainable fashion brands and kickstarting a zero waste bathroom routine, among others.

Apart from that, they have a shop that was started in 2018 to offer consumers a variety of sustainable products at affordable prices.


12. Geneco

Powered by Seraya Energy, Geneco is an electricity retailer’s blog that empowers readers to begin their sustainability journey by being a source of information and offering tips for an eco-friendly life. 

Dive into topics such as everyday items you never knew you could recycle and how to go green with your home office

Have kids that you want to include in your sustainability efforts? Good news – they also discuss kid-friendly activities to teach your kids about sustainability!   


13. The Tender Gardener

The Tender Gardener was started as a way to connect city dwellers with nature. 

If you’re interested in plants and gardening, you’d probably be keen to dive into the blog’s content, which features farm stories and garden stories

There’s even a shop you can buy seeds from or workshops you can attend to get started on your gardening journey.


Did We Leave A Blog Out?

Let us know if you have a green energy (or sustainability) blog you feel should be on this list, I want to hear from you! 

Simply email me at, I’ll check it out and add it to the list if it makes the cut.

If you’re looking to develop green sustainability content or looking to build your corporate blog, contact us here.

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